Tibet / Kailash Overland Tour

Tibet / Kailash Overland Tour

Journey into the heart of Tibet with Alexander Adventures and delve into a realm where ancient traditions intertwine with awe-inspiring landscapes. Our meticulously designed itinerary promises a transformative experience, from the lively streets of Kathmandu to the tranquil shores of Lake Mansarovar. Immerse yourself in the mystical charm of revered sites like Pashupatinath Temple and Budhanilakantha as you prepare for your pilgrimage amidst Kathmandu’s vibrant energy.

Cross the border into Tibet and let each step unveil new vistas of beauty and spirituality. Behold the majestic Mount Kailash, participate in rituals at Lake Mansarovar, and embrace the serene ambiance of Darchen. With our seasoned guides and premium accommodations, every moment becomes a celebration of exploration.

Join Alexander Adventures on this extraordinary journey to Tibet, where each step echoes the enduring spirit of discovery and enlightenment.

    13 Days
    Nepal / Tibet
    Hotels & lodges
    Overland Jeep Tour / Trekking
    International flights not included
  • FOOD
    All food included
    18+ Years. Solo adventurers, couples and groups. Anyone with a sense of adventure
    Moderate. Consecutive energetic days combined with camping makes this a moderate adventure level


DEPOSIT: £350.00

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Emmbark on a Journey of Spiritual Discovery:

Day 01:
Kathmandu Arrival As you touch down at Kathmandu Airport, a sense of anticipation fills the air. Our friendly team will extends a warm welcome, whisking you away to your hotel. Later in the evening, immerse yourself in the allure of our trip briefing. Your adventure begins now. Overnight at Kathmandu Hotel.

Day 02:
Explore Pashupatinath Temple & Yatra Preparation Morning light unveils the ancient beauty of Pashupatinath Temple and the serene Budhanilakantha, where Vishnu slumbers peacefully. Spend the afternoon preparing for your journey ahead amidst the bustling streets of Kathmandu. Overnight at Kathmandu Hotel.

Day 03:
Kathmandu to Syabrubesi/Ghattekhola With the dawn, set forth on a scenic drive to Syabrubesi/Ghattekhola, a quaint village near the China/Tibet border. En route, indulge in a refreshing break for lunch. As night descends, find solace in the comforts of a cosy guest house. Syabrubesi/Ghattekhola Guest House awaits.

Day 04:
Venture to Kyirong After breakfast, cross the departure immigration of Nepal and step into the realm of RasuwaGadi Border. Embrace the transition as you traverse into China/Tibet, greeted by our Tibetan counterpart. Your journey continues with a drive to Kyirong, where the night unveils its mysteries within the confines of Kyirong Hotel.

Day 05:
Kyirong to Saga The road beckons as you journey to Saga, a path adorned with cascading waterfalls and lofty passes. Lunch beckons before you continue your odyssey to Saga, nestled along the banks of the sacred River BHRMAPUTRA. Let the allure of Saga’s beauty captivate your senses. Rest well at the hotel.

Day 06:
Saga to Mansarovar As dawn breaks, embark on an epic journey to Mansarovar-Chui Gompa. The road stretches ahead, promising vistas of unparalleled beauty. Witness the enchanting Rakshasa Tal and behold the majestic visage of Kailash. Find respite in the embrace of Mansarovar Guest House.

Day 07:
Mansarovar to Darchen Awaken to the tranquil waters of Lake Mansarovar, where rituals of purification unfold. After a soul-stirring Puja & Hawan, journey to Darchen, the gateway to Mount Kailash. Prepare for the adventure that lies ahead amidst the comforts of Darchen Hotel.

Day 08:
Darchen to Diraphuk With the morning sun, commence your pilgrimage to Diraphuk, the threshold of Kailash Parikrama. Whether on horseback or on foot, the journey unfolds amidst breathtaking panoramas. As night falls, find shelter and solace in Diraphuk Guest House.

Day 09:
Diraphuk to Zuthulphuk As dawn breaks, embark on a transformative journey towards the Dolma-la Pass. Traverse through landscapes imbued with spiritual significance, crossing Gaurikund Lake. Find rest and reflection in the sanctuary of Zuthulphuk Guest House.

Day 10:
Return to Mansarovar, Saga With the first light, trek back to Darchen and journey onward to Mansarovar. As the day unfolds, retrace your steps to Saga, where tales of your journey find a resting place. Saga Hotel awaits, offering a haven for weary souls.

Day 11:
Saga to Kyirong The road leads back to Kyirong, where memories of Tibet linger like whispers in the wind. Take time to explore the city’s charms before bidding adieu to its enchanting vistas. Rest well at Kyirong Hotel.

Day 12:
Return to Kathmandu With hearts full of memories, journey back to Kathmandu. Complete immigration formalities and savour the final moments of your adventure. Overnight at Kathmandu Hotel.

Day 13:
Departure As the curtain falls on your journey, we bid you farewell. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight, carrying with you the echoes of an unforgettable odyssey.

Cost Inclusions:

• Experienced expedition leader • Memorable photographs and films • Emergency backup systems • Luxurious accommodations and meals • Sightseeing excursions • Deluxe transportation • Essential gear and permits • Expert guidance and support

Cost Exclusions:
• International flights • Personal insurance and emergency expenses • Additional visa fees • Supplementary services • Unforeseen expenses due to natural calamities • Extra accommodation charges • Visa split costs

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