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Nicola Welch

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I'm in... where we going?!

An experienced instructor that loves the outdoors, she’s been enjoying her passion for everything outdoors since 2012! Having seen first-hand how the outdoors can effect positive change in people’s lives. She says there’s nothing better than seeing people achieve something they didn’t think they could and gaining heaps of confidence from it.

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Highly qualified, experienced and good with people. Nicola is encouraging with a great relaxing and fun style. Whether on a mountain or moor, a river or a loch, Nicola is great with new adventurers and can make the outdoors feel less intimidating. Being a true Geordie she’s just really great to be around!

Her outdoor career has taken her around the world, leading expeditions in South America, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman and Georgia, to name a few. That being said, she loves being back in her home town, exploring the Toon, and exploring the fantastic outdoor locations that are on offer closer to home!

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