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Canoe White Water Grade 3 from Chollerford to Hexham

A thrilling and breathtaking white water canoe adventure on a spectacular route along the stunning River North Tyne in a beautiful part of Northumberland, that provides a fantastic setting with its impressive and fast-flowing white water rapids! This journey takes you from the village of Chollerford with its historic stone bridge in the backdrop to the equally as historic market town of Hexham, that is located in the heartland of Hadrian’s Wall. This Grade 3 session is suited for those highly skilled in white water, who have been on one of our 2-hour sessions and lower grade white water days previously. The main focus of the adventure is for you to have an unforgettable and incredible experience out on the water, but also to develop and improve your strokes and skills in the canoe on a challenging stretch of river!

  • Ages 18+
  • You will be highly skilled and experienced in white water canoeing and ideally have been on one of our 2-hour intro sessions and lower grade white water days with us previously
  • All equipment provided including: wetsuits, buoyancy aids, canoe etc
  • Suitable for solo adventurers, groups of friends and couples

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